zTrack One LoRaWan GPS Tracker

zTrack One LoRaWan GPS Tracker


zTrack One is a revolutionally small LoRaWAN GPS tracker for tracking various assets (bags, valuables) and the living, equipped with a pressbutton. Charging the tracker is done via MicroUSB.

Devices are available in the following frequencies:
– EU863-870
– US902-928
– AU915-928
– IN865-867

You can add a comment if your need differs from EU frequency.
Configurability is available via zTrack Configuration Tool (device-, and LoRaWAN parameters, and firmware upgrade).

Package content:
– zTrack One LoRaWAN GPS tracker
– Neck strap



ZTrack One is an ultra-small real GPS tracking device. Thanks to the most modern IoT technology, its size is not larger than a box of matches. This allows you to use it in many places where you have never used GPS tracker before:

– tracking pets

– elderly persons

– children

– bags, valuables

and there are countless other applications where this tiny but powerful tool can help us to keep our loved ones, our values, the things that matter to us safe.

The tracker can is chargeable with a microUSB cable and can last up to several months on a single charge.

Device settings and firmware updates are also possible via USB. The required program can be downloaded from our website.: http://www.zane.hu/ztrack/download/setup_zTrack_Configuration_Tool_1031.rar

We provide a free application to view information sent by the device and set up notifications.: https://ztrackmap.com/

This device can be used in a LoRaWAN network. Please make sure you have the necessary LoRaWAN IoT network coverage in the area where you want to use the GPS tracker.

In order to use our map display, you or your service provider must have your network set up to transmit device data to us.

The device is not locked or restricted to any network. It can be set up in any LoRaWAN network and it’s data can be displayed and processed in other applications.

dimensions: 44x33x11mm

Colour: Black

LED: Internal LED light indicates activity and charge


accelerometer as motion sensor, temperature sensor, charge meter, GPS positioning sensor.

LoRaWAN 1.02

Versions: EU, US, AU

Radio chip: SX1272

Certification: CE

Shipping lead-time: 3-4 weeks