zTemp LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor – z01856

zTemp LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor – z01856


LoRaWAN temperature sensor in IP65 industrial enclosure. The stainless steel sensor tip can be extended up to 10 meters.

Humidity sensing version: https://www.zane.hu/en/webshop/ztemp-humidity/

Magnetic mounted version with embedded temp probe for rails: https://www.zane.hu/hu/webshop/ztemp-rail-zm02523/

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zTemp is a precise LoRaWAN temperature sensor device. The sensor element is connected to the device by cable, it can be extended up to 10 meters.
zTemp is a reliable device, thanks to the digital sensor technology (DS18B20). Not only we can guarantee accurate results, but the monitoring is easy as well. The sensor element is locating in a sealed stainless steel tip.

The possible applications are:

  • smart cities
  • agriculture
  • soil temperature monitoring
  • livestock cultivation houses
  • cooling and heating chambers
  • cheese manufacturing
  • rail temperature sensing

Although we can’t list all applications here, of course it can be used in several applications. Specially, where an accurate and robust temperature sensor is needed. In addition, thanks to the LoRaWAN technology, this sensor can work up to 5 years. Easy to visualize the measurements using our sample application or many other IoT systems, such as Cayenne.

As a matter of fact, zTemp LoRaWan Sensor is a low-price temperature meter which can be useful in different areas. For example smart city projects, smart houses or anywhere to measure the temperature.

Datasheet of the product can be found here: http://www.zane.hu/ztrack/download/zTemp_datasheet.pdf

Temperature sensor price and other devices see our webshop: https://www.zane.hu/en/webshop/

Interested? See also our demo website: http://ztrackmap.com/


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