zTag is a LoRaWAN GPS tracker for tracking mostly cattles and other livestock. The tracker is contstantly charging itself via its solar panel.
For more info about the device, please visit zane.hu/en/iot.

Devices are available in the following frequency regions:
– EU863-870
– US902-928
– AU915-928
– IN865-867.

By default, we ship the devices with the default EU868 Semtech frequency channel lineup.
If your application needs another frequency region, please add a comment in your order specifying it.

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zTag is a GPS solar tracker. It is easy to install as an ear tag for cattles. In the first place the device periodically transmits GPS location data to a LoRaWAN network. In addition, it can monitor the activity and the condition of the animal thanks to it’s sensors.

The GPS tracker has a solar panel which makes it ideal for its purpose. The built-in LiPo battery can power the device for around two weeks, if there isn’t good sunlight exposure. Battery lifetime highly depends on the device configuration.
With an efficient configuration and good sunlight exposure, the battery is constantly charging via its solar panel. The device can maintain balanced operation.

We can highly recommend the zTag LoRaWan GPS Tracker to anyone who owns livestock such as cattle, gray cattle, reindeers, horses or has a project about tracking wild animal behavior.

It is easy to see that grazing is very important. As a matter of fact, these animals live in a stress-free environment. This will make a significant contribution to the preservation of the landscape. Protecting our national parks is important to all of us. Moreover, that’s why we’re developing tools to support grazing.

A Gateway can also be purchased from our webshop to complete the system. Using our application to display the data sent from the zTag GPS Tracker is free of charge for our clients.

For more infos: https://www.zane.hu/en/ztaginfo/

Interested? Take a look at our demo website: http://ztrackmap.com/

If you have any questions, regarding placing an order or technical issues, please contact us on sales@zane.hu

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