Our new LoRaWAN IoT DemoBox let you demonstrate the wide solution of LoRaWAN devices. It is available in our webshop, which is a perfect choice for those customers who want to buy sensors and GPS trackers. Now you can get it in one package with 10% discount.
The price includes the price of the box, and the package fee as well. Furthermore, we give you gifts.
You can vary your package for your need. In this case, write to us via e-mail and we can agree at content and price.


Package content:

LoRaWAN GPS trackers:
1pcs zCar
2pcs zTrack Pro
1pcs zTrack Midi

LoRaWAN sensors:
1pcs zCO2
1pcs zPIR
1pcs zTemp
1pcs zDoor

1pcs magnet for zDoor
1pcs Qi charger for zTrack Pro
1pcs uUSB cable
2pcs lanyards
1pcs magnetic based antenna for zCar

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 mm