zCar z02195

zCar z02195


zCar is a LoRa based GPS tracking device with a long range external LoRa antenna, optimized for tracking vehicles. It is powered by a cigarette lighter-DC connector adapter (12..24V DC) which we send it to you within the package with a USB cable.

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The accelerometer chip is able to detect if the unit moves. If no movement is detected, the tracker sends keepalive packets to the gateway every 60 minutes by default (this period can be set from 5 minutes to 1 day). When movement is detected, the tracker activates itself start the GPS. If the GPS is able to locate the device the coordinates will be reported to the LoRaWAN network. If the GPS receives no coordinates within a specified time, then the module will only send a short message that motion happened. All of the messages contain the battery level and temperature. The device can be turned off via downlink messages or by the zTrack setup application for Windows.
This device can show the real long range of the LoRaWAN system. We tested this device for more than a year around Debrecen. If the device has magnetic base external antenna then a well-installed gateway can receive ABP SF12 messages from more than 40km in the suburb.

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