Prototype and low volume manufacturing mean serious challenges for electrical manufacturers. A typical printed circuit prototype has 2-4 or even more layers, which consist of fine designs. It is common to have 0402, QFN, BGA, SMT parts to place. Instrument panels can consists of several hundreds of parts and several types of parts. Prototypes like these are hard to be produced manually at high quality. On the other hand placement by machinery costs a lot of time, energy and money for companies specialized for mass production, and the costs of tuning their equipment will be payed by the costumer. 

As our main focus is electrical development, we have assembled a special set of equipment in our SMT laboratory, so that we can execute all task mentioned above in-house, at the highest quality possible.

To be able to come up with high-quality prototypes we own a soldering paste device, automatic SMT  pick and place system and a reflow oven. This way we can provide a comprehensive service in prototype development besides our design services.

We also possess a 3D printer and LPM tool as well. With the help of the 3D printer we can create the fist draft of the casing of the prototypes.  The LPM technology (Low Pressure Molding) we are able to to encapsulate and environmentally protect electronic components of the prototypes and it is a time and cost efficient way to substitute injection moulding in the first phase of the production.